Fat piatnik these include stains from vegetable oils, butter and the like. In the same category belong to oily stains stains from wax, oil paint, resin, lacquer and other things. The characteristic features of grease – blurred or "radiant" shape, a deep insight into the structure of the fabric. The older the stain , the brighter and the more matte it looks.Fresh stains can be removed by using salt and blotting paper. Sprinkle salt on the stain and gently RUB with absorbent paper. Salt should be changed as long as the spot does not "depart".To remove stain you can also use talc. Sprinkle talc on the stain, cover with blotting paper and iron with a hot iron.If you sprinkle the stain crushed chalk, pressed the substance to the fabric and leave overnight – by morning the stain will disappear. There will be only gently with a brush to clean off the chalk. Stains from oil of canned fish, vegetable oil easily removed with kerosene. Wipe the stain with a cotton swab dipped in kerosene, then wash it as usual thing. Stains from oil paint and oil varnish can be removed with kerosene and ammonia. Wipe the stain with kerosene (or turpentine), then in ammonia. Old stains, moisten with turpentine, then clean off the paint with baking soda, sprinkling it on the stain.
Lean patanegra spots form wine, tea, juice, fruits and berries, beer and the like. The color of these spots varies from dark brown to yellow. These spots distinguish sharp borders, and the borders of the spot color is darker than in the middle.Spot of champagne, beer or other light alcohol is easy to remove with a piece of ice or very cold water. Fruit juices, fruit stains from clothes remove with a mixture of vodka and glycerin (1:1 ratio).Stains of red wine, berries, wipe with a strong solution of potassium permanganate, and in a few minutes – hydrogen peroxide solution (1 Cup water to 1 tablespoon of peroxide).Grass stains rinse regular vodka. You can also use a solution of salt (1 teaspoon on 0,5 glasses of water). Wipe them with a spot to extinction.
Mixed patapata containing fat and lean components are the most common. To this group belong the pollution formed by blood, milk, sauces, ice cream, soups and so on. The contours of the spots outlined, fat components penetrate the tissue deeper than neirivue.Blood stains first sasteria in very cold water, then remove with a regular soap solution. But this method is not suitable for silk. With silk products blood test removed, mixed with potato starch and cold water. The composition, apply to stain and allow to dry. Then remove the starch with things, and the very thing wash as usual.Dirt stains (e.g., outerwear), easy to clean with ordinary soap solution. If this does not help – use a strong vinegar, diluted with water (1/2 liter of water 3 tablespoons of vinegar). Soak in the solution a piece of fabric and attrite spot.Borax is a great remedy for stains of lipstick. Pour the stain in borax, then rinse in soapy and then clean water.Hydrogen peroxide mixed with ammonia – remedy of stains formed the hair dye. Ordinary alcohol is a panacea spots of perfume or Cologne water.
Oxidized Patak such attribute that appears on the old spot red, brown or yellow areas. They are formed under the influence of air, light and other external factors. Over time, as a rule, oxidized stains from wine, berries, mildew, coffee, tea, a variety of cosmetics. Such spots to fight the hardest. The best way to prevent their occurrence in time removing the pollution.