If the stain is from sweat.
Make a special solution. To do this, dissolve a handful of salt in 1 l of water. Soak the clothes in this water for an hour, and after a good wash. The stain should disappear.
If the stain of grease, oil or margarine, use the following step.
Try to RUB the stain from the wrong side with cotton wool soaked in gasoline or alcohol, and from the front side to things apply a blotting paper. Dry. Then soak and wash as usual. In the same way you can cope with a spot of lipstick.
If it's a stain from the iron.
Wipe the stain with a half of raw onion. Soak the thing in cold water and try to scrub the stain.
If you have a spot of rust.
Dampen the spot a few times with lemon juice for a few seconds then apply to the stain with a hot iron, but don't let matter dry to the end. Rinse the stain with water.
If the spot is planted for a long time, use vinegar. Mix a solution of 1 teaspoon in a glass of water. This solution heat but do not boil. Then for a few moments lower back portion of the item with the stain. Rinse in cold water.
Rust can be removed not only from clothing, but also subject. To do this, wipe it with a fresh bulb.
If the stain from the wax.
Scrape off wax residue with a knife. Iron the fabric by placing it between layers of blotting paper (fabric should be wrong side up). Wash thing.
If the stain from beverages: tea, coffee, fruit juices.
Pass through the spot a stream of hot water from the tap. Then just wash it.
If the stain is from oil.
Buy caustic soda, it is sold at the hardware store in powder form. Wash the thing with this soda, and then wash it with powder as usual.
If the stain ink (ball point pen).
RUB the stain soaked match head, if the stain is on cloth, plastic or fingers. Unfortunately, to remove such spot means at hand from the clothes is almost impossible.
Hot water is the best assistant in the fight against the stain, if the stain is not from fish, eggs, meat and blood. Because protein in hot water coagulates, and to wash off this stain will be impossible.