Advice 1: How to remove spots on the silk

Silk fabric is very beautiful. Silk bedding and Drapes, apparel and accessories, bedspreads and cushions are always popular. But what if your favorite item is dirty? Display spots with thin silk fabrics, should be very carefully.
When removing stains from silk, it is necessary to proceed with caution
You will need
  • -cleaning solution
  • tampon
  • soda
  • -ammonia
  • -water
  • -brush
  • -glycerin
To remove stains from coffee or tea, take a white cotton cloth and make her a tampon. Soak it in glycerine and apply the liquid to the contaminated area. Wait 30 minutes and then wash off glycerine with warm water. To completely remove the glycerin, RUB the cloth tampon, moistened with a mild detergent (this can be a liquid Laundry detergent for silk fabrics).
If the silk is slick from alcohol, we have to act very quickly. Fresh spots in this case you can delete more likely than the old one. Moisten the cloth with warm water and apply glycerin. Little RUB and rinse in warm water.
Stains from cosmetics often well be washed off hand. It is better to use a delicate detergent. With much fortitude stains before washing, first apply a stain remover and then treat the organic solvent.
Perfumes and deodorants that fall on the silk fabric, can lead to stubborn stains. In addition, the perfume can change the color of the fabric and cause stains. In order to bring a spot of perfume, it is necessary to apply a little denatured alcohol on a swab of white cloth to blot the stain. Not to RUB. Repeat if necessary.
For removing stains from silk items, it is recommended to gently RUB the pollution of ammonia, mixed with water. If the stain is old, then the fabric should soak in the soda solution, and then wipe the stain with a weak solution of vinegar. Wait 20 minutes and rinse the thing in warm water.
Chocolate stains is removed as follows: remove the chocolate with a wooden stick, and then clean off debris using a soft brush. The brush should be dipped in warm water where you dissolved the detergent. If the stain is very persistent, gently RUB it with a cloth soaked in ammonia solution, and rinse the thing in warm water.

Advice 2: How remove stains tea

Household stains — the most common cause of damage to clothes and furnishings. Stains from many food and beverage products, including tea, stains are difficult to remove, and there is a lot of popular and proven ways to remove these spots. Yellow spots of spilled tea on the tablecloth and clothes can ruin a thing, due contained in tea tannic substance — tannin, and to wash such stains is not easy. Laundry service will save the thing with tea stain, if you boil the fabric with the addition of parsoli, but today almost nobody boils linen.
How remove stains tea
To bring tea stains without washing and boiling, take the stained white cloth of cotton or flax, then moisten the sponge in the ammonia solution and wipe with a sponge cloth.
Traces from tea rinse on cloth or paper, prepared in advance. After cleaning the fabric, prepare the citric acid solution in water at a concentration of 10%, and treat them cleared the place on the tablecloth. Leave the lemon solution on the cloth for 15 minutes, then rinse. Ammonia and citric acid help only if there is a clear need white natural fabric.
If you have stained tea colored cloth, prepare a solution of borax (10%) and separately prepare a weak solution of citric acid at a concentration of 5%. Add in the lemon solution a small amount of salt. Treat the fabric the solution of borax and citric acid, and then immediately rinse it in cold water.
More require careful care silk and wool fabrics. To eliminate such materials, tea stains, moisten a cotton swab in warm glycerin and wipe cloth. Wait 15 minutes and rinse the cloth in warm water and then dry on a towel. Two teaspoons of glycerin can be mixed with half a teaspoon of ammonia (10%), and this mixture to wipe the affected tissue.
Also the removal of tea stains proved oxalic acid. Mix a teaspoon of oxalic acid and two teaspoons of citric acid in a glass of water. Treat the cloth in the solution and rinse.
How to get tea stain. Almost all tea stains wash out during normal washing. Stains from strong or green tea may require re-washing. Before the removal of stains from tea, the thing should be soaked for 2 hours. How to show the coffee stain. If possible, the coffee stain should be faded as soon as it appeared.
Useful advice
Then rinse twice in warm and one in cold, slightly acidified with vinegar water. Bring old tea stains can be dissolved in a glass of water 2-3 grams of oxalic acid and carefully wiping the contamination of this solution. Tea stains on white fabric can be eliminated with hydrogen peroxide or a few drops of lemon juice, then wash the item and rinse in warm water.

Advice 3: Deduce stains from deodorant

Housewives are often faced with such problems as stains from deodorant. Many antiperspirants leave on clothing white persistent stains that are difficult to during normal washing.
Deduce stains from deodorant

Don't discount washing powder. Quality tool can cope with the problem. To do this you need to put on soiled area a paste of 1 tbsp water and 2 tbsp of washing powder. Leave on for 10-12 hours and wash as usual.

Or use baby soap. RUB the stained areas and leave for a few hours. Then rinse and wash. In the struggle with fresh dirt effectively soap "Antipyatin".

If the above methods are unable to help you, use vinegar. Apply it on stains from deodorant, wait for a while and wash it thing. Remember that this method is effective only for the cleaning of colored fabrics, the white things can be left yellow stains.

To combat stains from antiperspirant use for washing dishes. Apply it on dirty place and wait a few minutes. Then thoroughly rinse the thing under running water and wash it. If necessary, you can repeat the steps again.

Ammonia is a faithful assistant in the fight against stains from deodorant. Cotton swab soak in and wipe off contamination. Leave the thing as long as too much residual alcohol. After this treatment from blemishes will not be over. Wash clothing in soapy water.

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