You will need
  • -cleaning solution
  • tampon
  • soda
  • -ammonia
  • -water
  • -brush
  • -glycerin
To remove stains from coffee or tea, take a white cotton cloth and make her a tampon. Soak it in glycerine and apply the liquid to the contaminated area. Wait 30 minutes and then wash off glycerine with warm water. To completely remove the glycerin, RUB the cloth tampon, moistened with a mild detergent (this can be a liquid Laundry detergent for silk fabrics).
If the silk is slick from alcohol, we have to act very quickly. Fresh spots in this case you can delete more likely than the old one. Moisten the cloth with warm water and apply glycerin. Little RUB and rinse in warm water.
Stains from cosmetics often well be washed off hand. It is better to use a delicate detergent. With much fortitude stains before washing, first apply a stain remover and then treat the organic solvent.
Perfumes and deodorants that fall on the silk fabric, can lead to stubborn stains. In addition, the perfume can change the color of the fabric and cause stains. In order to bring a spot of perfume, it is necessary to apply a little denatured alcohol on a swab of white cloth to blot the stain. Not to RUB. Repeat if necessary.
For removing stains from silk items, it is recommended to gently RUB the pollution of ammonia, mixed with water. If the stain is old, then the fabric should soak in the soda solution, and then wipe the stain with a weak solution of vinegar. Wait 20 minutes and rinse the thing in warm water.
Chocolate stains is removed as follows: remove the chocolate with a wooden stick, and then clean off debris using a soft brush. The brush should be dipped in warm water where you dissolved the detergent. If the stain is very persistent, gently RUB it with a cloth soaked in ammonia solution, and rinse the thing in warm water.