Often, headache Housewives take spot from different wines. Red wine can be eliminated with a mixture of glycerin and raw egg yolk in equal parts. Treat tough spots with this squad, then rinse with warm water. Stains from white wine, liqueurs, beer and remove soap solution (about 5 g) of baking soda (half a teaspoon) and a glass of water. Moisten with this solution the stains and leave it for a day. After that, rinse the product. Another way to get rid of wine stains is soaking the tablecloth in citric acid. For this you will need a glass of warm water and one teaspoon of citric acid. After soaking, rinse the tablecloth.
Fresh stains from fruit and wine can be removed by treating them with ammonia or a soda solution, then rinse with water. Also, these cloths can be soaked in milk, and then wash.
Will help to get rid of stains, oddly enough, is potassium permanganate. First, moisten the dirty place with a solution of potassium permanganate, and then wipe it with a solution of hydrogen peroxide at the rate of one teaspoon in a glass of warm water.
Fresh spot fat sprinkle first with salt, shake in a few minutes and repeat this several times. Coping with oily stains, you can use talcum powder or chalk. Sprinkle over the stain, cover with blotting paper and iron the iron, heated to medium temperature. If the stain is not displayed immediately, leave the talc at night.
Get stains from fruit juices, you can use ammonia and hydrogen peroxide. Take half a teaspoon of ammonia and hydrogen peroxide and stir in a glass of hot water. Place the solution in a dirty area of the tablecloth, and then rinse.
Coffee and tea stains also bring a lot of trouble. But you can cope with them. From the coffee stains will help to get rid of warm glycerin. Traces of tea on the tablecloth disappears after you process them with a mixture of four parts glycerin and one part ammonia.
Tough stains from tomato and beet first, just need to wash in warm water with soap, and then sprinkle the stain with citric acid. Then the fabric must be rinsed. If, despite all efforts on the tablecloth there are traces of spots, you can boil them with hydrogen peroxide. But be careful with coloured fabrics.