Well, if the stain was able to notice immediately and take emergency measures. It is much harder to clean off old dirt, however, and there is nothing impossible.
You can hire the services of professionals and to trust the cleaning of your furniture and carpets to specialized firms. However, such services are not cheap. You can try to get rid of the old stains yourself.
To start is to try you harvested a means (one of the following) on a small piece of carpet or upholstery, selecting the least noticeable place. Only if the paint is not faded and has not appeared other defects, can begin to combat spotsmi.
Spot formed chewing gum can be removed using ice. To dirty the place is put an ice cube, chewing gum freezes and loses its viscosity and stickiness. Now it is possible to carefully clean off. The process is quite long, but very effective. After removal of stains from chewing gum where it was to wipe the citric acid solution.
Ink stains on carpets or soft furniture will help to remove ordinary alcohol. The only negative, and carpet and upholstery absorb odors well, and your home will still be smelling of alcohol. This can be avoided if after the removal of the stains wipe clean with this liquid cleanser.
Stains from coffee or tea successfully is displayed by using a solution of glycerin. Try to prepare a solution (about a tablespoon per liter of cold water), soak in it a sponge and wipe the stain on the upholstery or carpet.
The old stain from the ice cream can be deduced by wiping the stain with gasoline, then ammonia.
Grease stains are removed by using tools such as acetone, gasoline, alcohol. Mix gasoline with starch or talcum powder to liquid slurry and apply to the stain with a thin layer. When the paste will dry and will absorb the grease, carefully clean off the stain.
Old beer spots better output by mixing glycerin and ammonia in equal shares.