You will need
  • Better than mowing alone. In addition, you will need clippers or scissors, and comb.
Wear clothing in which you will cut your cat. It should not be open, otherwise bursting, the animal can be scratched.
Call cat and ask your assistant to hold it tight. In the case of extreme aggression, you can call the vet and ask him to make the animal a sedative.
как подстричь пушистого кота
Now take the clippers and start shearing. Sometimes stop and pet the animal to calm down.
It is better to choose the nozzle 2-3 mm, previously to get rid of tangles with scissors. Many owners choose to shave cats "beneath the lion". In this case, the hair on the body of the animal remains only on the head, lower legs and tip of tail. However, you can try another technique.
Be careful, don't cause the cat pain. Otherwise, the second time this execution he does not agree.
стрижка британских кошек ножницами
After cutting need to wash the cat. Residues of hair can cause itching and irritation on the skin. Reassure your pet. Feed him and cuddle him.
как мыть и расчесывать персидских кошек