Cat is a very intelligent and fine animals. Therefore, to obtain from them the obedience necessary firmly, but without aggression and, moreover, without the use of brute force. Using such methods, you will achieve only the state of permanent fear and distrust of the animal.
First of all the kitten needs to housebreak. In advance, ask the owners of cats, where the mom and kids went to the toilet, what filler was used by the owners. Buy a filler and a similar tray so baby can understand where to relieve themselves. If you picked up a kitten on the street or the previous owners were not engaged in toilet training, then buy a regular litter box with wood or sepiolite filler. Watch out for the baby. Usually need to go to the toilet arises from the kitten after a meal or sleep. Seeing the restlessness of the animal, pick him up and take it to the toilet. After the kid made a puddle or a pile, in the right place praise him gently and give it a treat.
Housebreaking is a painstaking exercise. Some kittens learn toilet for a few days, but some need much more time. Be patient with a kitten and you will definitely succeed.
Also an important step in raising a kitten is to teach sharpen claws in a designated area. To prepare for the baby scratching post. You can buy in the pet store or make your own from a piece of old carpet or travel Mat. When trying to sharpen its claws on furniture or carpets home sharply okretnice animal, pick him up and take to the scratching posts. When you try to sharpen its claws in the right place vigorously praise your pet.
Another problem that may face the owner of the kitten is scratching. Don't let your pet try to release the claw in the games or bring the kids. Also, do not let him to bite. Little kitty makes it almost painless, but the adult animal is able to cause teeth and claws of a serious injury.
The best measure of adverse effects - a sharp cry. Cats have very sensitive ears and they don't like loud noises. Ignoring the shout you can try to spank him a little playful pet a rustling newspaper. Zoopsychologists say that the same noise exposure are much more effective in raising cats than physical strength.
When raising a kitten, follow the Golden rule: do not allow the kitten to do what you are going to ban adult animal. Start training immediately, as the kitten appeared in your house. Thus it is necessary to be patient. By following these simple rules, you will be able to raise a well-behaved animal behavior which will definitely be proud of!