The contents of lizards at home

Before you decide to get a lizard, it is necessary to set the terrarium. In this animal must be a place in your house, otherwise it can get sick, injured, or simply run away. You can choose to have their pet terrarium of almost any shape, but its height should be 2 times longer than the body of the lizard.

The bottom need to strew the ground. It should be no different additives or fertilizers. Instead of land you can use sand or coconut. Also suitable pieces of paper or shavings for rodents. Alternatively, you can shoot the bottom of the terrarium large pieces of bark. In their natural habitat lizard like different trees, so you can put in the animal shelter a few branches.

The contents of the house lizards requires constant presence in the cage two temperature zones. The cold must be warmed up to 30 degrees, and the hot - to 36. Night temperature should not be below 21 degrees. You can reheat the hot zone with ceramic/infra-red lamps or incandescent lamps. A special Mat that you can buy at the pet store, will provide heating of the soil.

Pet lizards need constant bright lighting. So set it to UV light. If you want to have multiple Pets, you need to ensure that the terrarium had a few heated plots.

For keeping lizards at home the optimum moisture content not less than 50-70%. This can be done in several ways. In the cool area of the terrarium put a bowl of water. The size of such bowls have to choose based on the size of the nursling: the lizard should be no difficulty in her to climb. It is possible to achieve the required moisture content and by applying a wet sponge or spraying. Don't forget to periodically check the quality of ventilation in the terrarium, since high humidity can form pathogenic fungi.

What to feed lizards at home?

In the summer to feed the lizard can be 3 times a day. In the winter she will be enough two meals a day. Offer your pet different insects - e.g., crickets, spiders, meal worms. Besides, the lizard will not refuse from eating small mammals or bird eggs.

You can prepare at home following mixture for this animal: mix minced meat and finely grated carrot in equal proportions, then add the chopped lettuce and top with a sprinkle with a small amount of vitamin-mineral supplements. Note that the last had a sharp odor, able to scare away the lizard.

To feed this animal should, in the period of its activity. If you have multiple Pets, you need to give them food separately. Be sure to make sure that your favorite ate his portion. When the lizard is active, good drinking water, but eating a bit of worry there.

The young need to be fed with tweezers and adults unable to feed themselves from a small bowl. After feeding your lizard be sure to wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water.