Buy matches, if your brass plate no built-in igniter, and there is only a narrow tube made from the interior of the burner. This tube allows you to light the oven in the same way: turn the knob (tear gas) and bring a lighted match to the edge of the tube. Thereafter, if the light blew out a stream of gas, or the match is simply not extinguished, the burner lights up.
Use an external piezosurgical if the ring is readily accessible or the bottom plate is lifted, opening the access to the burner. The process is similar to the first option: turn the knob to the brass plate and press the button piezosurgery, dropping spark. Remember that initially, turn the knob during ignition of the matches should for a short distance, otherwise the flame goes out; when using piezosurgical the handle you can immediately twist into the desired position.
If the cooker is equipped with built-in electro/piezosurgery, to include a brass plate is possible by rotating the knob the gas feed to the required point and click pessaries — ring work. Most often, the resource internal piezosurgical limited and after a few months it stops working; light brass plate will have to manually.
Also, the stove can be equipped with automatic electrostatically triggered when turning the control knob to any great distance from the beginning. Automation is designed for start-spark immediately after starting gas to the burner of the oven. The mechanism on the burners will look different: the handle is necessary to turn sharply to the spark igniter was triggered during the gas feed, and not a second earlier (Housewives often out of fear, turn the knob slowly, thereby only releasing gas and exposing themselves to danger).