Electric or gas?

The electric oven is much more functionality compared to the gas counterparts. They are controlled by electronics, hence the richness of choice of cooking modes. But these boards "eat" a lot of electricity. On average, the electric ovens have a capacity of 4 kW, which is very much. So if You are short of funds, feel free to take a electric oven. Gas oven not so expensive to use, but the functionality of it is much lower.
The size of the brass plate.

To date, the most common models with widths of 60, 70, 90, 120, see the Last three options are especially popular in restaurants and establishments of this type. For home use the most suitable oven 60 cm wide.
Control of the stove.

Have the brass plate there are 2 control types: dependent and independent. Dependent management means that all functional buttons of the oven located in the stove, and on top of the hob. In the case of independent control, all the controls oven set directly on it.
Additional functionality. Modern brass plate have a number of interesting and useful properties and functions, among which is certainly exactly what you need. Here are some of them:
Timer. Perhaps one of the classic functions. Put the meat, turn on the timer, and as soon as will ring the alarm, you turn off the oven.
Retractable trolley. Used in order not to burn yourself, if you need to check the readiness of dishes.
Chilled handle of the oven. Doesn't require unnecessary comment, you can not be afraid to get burned on the handle of the oven.
Grill. Allows when cooking meat to crisp.
Modes of heating of the oven. Allows to distribute the heat of the oven where you need it most. Important for electric models.