Types of ovens

Ovens are of two types: gas and electric. In the entire history of the existence of gas ovens and their equipment and principle of operation has not changed dramatically. Therefore, their main difference from each other is the volume, design and brand of the manufacturer. The difference between gas and electric oven is that the gas heats the food with a maximum of two of the parties, as here, the heating elements can only be placed top and bottom.While the package of the electric oven includes a heater through which the feed-circulation of hot air evenly.

The cause of the malfunction gas oven

The main reason may not turn on gas oven – gas shutoff. This happens, for example, if the gas service shut off the gas due to repairs at the site or crash. Need to call the emergency service of city gas authorities to see whether there are any repairs.

The second type of failure can be a faulty temperature sensor, so the oven is not heated or Vice versa - is much too hot. Usually, this failure is eliminated by replacing the faulty parts. Maybe things are even simpler: either on a gas burner gets wet, causing the spark fades and the burner does not light, or just after installing the oven do not open the valve the inflow of gas to the stove-the oven. If the gas oven has stopped working suddenly, you need to check - may be out of order, the thermocouple and therefore the electromagnetic valve is not leaking gas to the burner of the oven.

The cause of the malfunction of electric oven

If you stopped to operate the electric oven, the first reason is power outage. Could also be a faulty switch from the stove to the oven, possibly fused spiral heating the oven. Another interesting factor, which may not turn on an electric oven – do not set up the timer. Some manufacturers of electric stoves and ovens – timer setting – a prerequisite for the correct operation of the equipment. As with the installation of a new oven – you need to set the time, and when a sudden blackout, and at the subsequent switching on of the oven – it is necessary to manually re-set the timer.

And finally, the most common causes of breakdowns all ovens: faulty fan oven, faulty electrical items, for example, buttons or wires, damage to the glass ovens – mechanical or due to wear.