Self-cleaning ovens – modern kitchen appliances with function of automatic cleaning. They are divided into two types, catalytic and pyrolytic, in one case, the dirt in the oven just does not accumulate, as the special coating absorbs all impurities and decomposes fat, another for cleaning need to turn on the oven at maximum temperature, to burn off all impurities.

Oven with pyrolytic self-cleaning function

Self-cleaning oven with pyrolytic cleaning can be heated to enormous temperatures up to 500 degrees. It is necessary that all food residues, dirt, grease under the influence of heat evolved in the dry ash which is removed from the walls of the Cabinet much easier and faster than the burnt layer of dirt.

However, such furnaces do not relieve a person entirely from the need to clean the oven, just time and effort are reduced to a minimum.

To use the function of self-cleaning in that case, if the walls of the oven has accumulated a sufficient amount of dirt. Before you turn on the oven at maximum temperature, open all the Windows in the kitchen and warn other residents not to come into the room while self-cleaning works.

Remove from the oven all containers, trays, racks, and other items they will need to be cleaned manually using detergent.

Follow the instructions for the oven and turn the self-cleaning. As a rule it lasts for several hours, the exact time specified in the instructions. The oven door must be closed tightly, in the kitchen at this time, it is advisable not to be, but it is not recommended to leave the house. You can't open the door until the work is completed.

After self-cleaning is finished, we need to give the stove to cool down, which also takes several hours. You can then finish the procedure to open the door, wipe with a dry cloth ashes, wipe with a damp sponge hard-to-reach places where could accumulate dirt.

In cheap and poor quality self-cleaning ovens, this feature works poorly, to choose a good device, read customer reviews, view videos about the different models.

Self-cleaning oven with catalytic cleaning function

The catalytic method of cleaning the oven is used more often, as it does not impact seriously on the construction of the stove. In this case, the walls of the Cabinet are coated with a special enamel pores, which ends up fat and food particles. When heated these impurities are divided into water and grime, without leaving a greasy residue. Thus, the cleaning function works only during cooking. The contaminants are removed slower, larger grease stains can disappear only a few treatments of cooking.

The catalytic self-cleaning ovens, there is one important disadvantage is that the enamel only works five to six years, after which it loses its properties. The more you use the oven, the faster the purge function is unusable.