What is the ignition

The ignition is one of the most convenient inventions for the modern cooktops and stoves. He did the operation as comfortable as possible. Electric ignition gives you the opportunity to light the flame in the burner quickly, safely and without using improvised means in the form of matches or lighters. In order to have flame, simply turn the lever that delivers the gas or press an extra button.

And this is the caveat, podrazdelyayutsya electronic to automatic and mechanical, which is also called semi-automatic.

If the ignition is mechanical, when you turn the switch of the burner it is necessary to simultaneously press a special button, which simulates a lighted match, and in fact is responsible for the spark. If the ignition is automatic, the connection works even easier.

Automatic ignition and how it works

Auto ignition means the gas is ignited simply by turning the knob. There is no need to turn any additional knobs or pushing buttons.

The principle of this ignition is pretty simple. To turn on the burner, you only need a little to drown the switch by lightly pressing and simultaneously rotate it. The moment you switch on closes the circuit of the spark, whereby between the adjacent gas holes in the electrode creates a spark. It ignites the burner.

The mechanism of ignition of the gas stove can be seen, if removed from the burner plate primerasmentes. Side in a small recess is the ignition.

Requirements for the hob ignition

The stove with electric ignition, you need to connect to the network. And for this you need a socket with grounding. If nearby not, do a separate transaction. The wire must be three-core and with a cross section not less than 1.5 mm in diameter. And electrical in parallel it is necessary to provide an element of protection on the 16A. It may be the RCD or differential, or normal machine. As for the cord, it is usually included in the gas stoves with electric ignition by default. If it is missing, it is produced using a three-core wire of suitable section, and a plug with contacts for grounding. But it is possible to buy.