Convection is a special way of warming up in the oven, which uses a built-in fan. It ensures the free movement of air throughout the space of the oven, causing the temperature of the far wall and the doors aligned. To understand how convection affects the cooking in the oven, it is enough to remember how grandma used to put baking pies waiting for us, when a distant browned, and changed the position of the pan that the patties are cooked evenly. Additionally, the grandmother could not put in the oven two baking trays at the same time, because the cakes are not baked. When using the oven with convection device such problems from the landlady does not arise.Of course, for the aspiring hostess, twice a year, cooking Apple pie, an oven with convection is not the subject of appliances Essentials. But for those who like to experiment and explore new recipes, this device can become a great help in the kitchen. The temperature in the oven with convection is the same in all planes, so in this case it is possible to cook several dishes simultaneously, for example, to roast meat and a side dish to it at different levels or put two or three baking trays of eclairs. Thanks to the free movement of hot air all the eclairs get equally browned and baked evenly.Essential oven with convection, and when cooking meat in an open baking pan or on a spit. Air circulation will ensure the formation of a crispy crust on the surface of the dish. But if the oven is equipped with a "grill", then these two functions running at the same time, meat dishes turn into a real gastronomic masterpieces. In addition, the convection allows you to reduce the amount of salt and oil used for cooking that is appreciated by the people leading a healthy lifestyle.