You will need
  • - the instruction manual;
  • - the oven.
The main purpose of electrochoc is to prepare various types of dough products, poultry, meat and other food products. Read the manual and technical passport for the stove. This will allow to avoid many problems in the process of its application, and answer your questions.
Unlike gas stoves, which can not do without matches or a special lighter (with the exception of plates with the ignition) to turn on the oven in the stove, you do this is not required.
Electrochemi typically comprise an outer casing, including casing and base, and a heat-insulated chamber. The camera installed halogenowe or quartz heaters of various capacities (typically four heater with a capacity of 0, 3-0, 5 kW). The heating chamber is closed by a glass door, next to which is the control panel.
In control panel, normally placed the lamp on the controller designed to set temperature and maintain it. Some models have a timer. It allows you to set the time required for cooking any meals. When the time ends, you will hear a beep and the oven off independently.
Turn the stove on to the network. Set the thermostat dial to position the desired temperature for cooking a particular dish. The predetermined temperature is reached, load the tray with food.
At the end of the cooking process, set the thermostat dial to the "0" position, remove the plug from the socket. Wipe the inner surface of electrochemi and trays as soon as they have cooled. In no case do not try to dowhen stove is plugged in. There is a risk of electric shock.