In fact, nothing complicated in the treatment of a gas stove there. Despite the relative simplicity of the device these plates are reliable, comfortable and efficient when cooking. And instant ignition and reaching high temperatures even give certain advantages to gas stoves over electric. So if you are in economy has got a gas stove, do not hurry to upset or nervous – no particular skills necessary.
As with any other appliances before you begin using the stove it is advisable to read available to her instructions and technical passport. This will allow to solve many questions and to gain confidence.
In contrast to electric gas oven usually ignited from open flame. Of course, except in those cases where the stove for it is the ignition, then you will need only one button to activate. If not, will have to light the oven manually. It is not difficult.
In most cases, the device of the gas oven includes one burner in the form of a curved tube with holes for flame-or two-tube burner on the sides. In order to know what design your plate, look in the data sheet. Then open the oven door and look under the bottom of the iron tray. Most likely you will see either one hole for ignition in the middle, or two on the sides.
To light the gas oven, it is necessary to turn off the burner at the desired temperature in accordance with the specified tick marks. Then light a match or lighter and hold it to the burner. When you see the flame, you need to wait until it spreads the entire length of the burner or burners, and gently close the door. In some cases, the flame may go out when the door is closed. Then you need to light the oven again a little and hold it open until the gas is completely spread throughout the burner tube and the flame will not be smooth.