You will need
  • - instructions for installation and connection the oven Zanussi;
  • - building level;
  • - a bipolar switch;
  • - screwdriver the desired diameter;
  • - rubber gloves.
First you have to install a brass wardrobe Zanussi to the place where it will be operated. If the oven is bigger than a Cabinet, install it using the building level.
To lock oven rack in the alcove kitchen with wood screws that came in the kit, you need to open its door. The holes are inside the oven. It is recommended to use only genuine Zanussi mounting because they are designed for operating temperature of the brass rack.
After you have effectively built in oven Zanussi wardrobe and found that adjusting the sensitivity will not, you can connect it to the mains. Before doing this make sure the wiring and socket can withstand the power of the device, and check the grounding. To connect brass wardrobe Zanussi you need through double-pole switch, because the load on the network while running the oven is a great.
After connecting brass Cabinet Zanussi and if it is functional, you can install the pans and grids inside the oven. Before the first use of the closet need its heat well. The first time operate the oven of it can go peculiar smell, which then disappears.