Check that all relays in idle state, that is, the gas has to come from the burners into the air. Ensure the operation of the gas stove. To do this, lift the valve of the gas pipe to allow the gas to flow freely to the burners.
The symbols located above the burners, determine the access to the burner controls each relay (or button). Light a match, having spent sulfuric sulfuric head on strip on side of box.
Rotate the solenoid (or click the corresponding button), a left near-right burner. Hold a match close to the burner. Once the gas comes on, remove your hand to avoid burns.
On electric gas stoves instead of ignition matches, use the special button, supplying an electrical charge simultaneously to all burners. To light the stove, turn off any alarm and press the button (you may need to double or triple press). The gas will light.