Advice 1: How to determine temperature in a gas oven

Almost every recipe homemade cakes are the words: "bake at temperature... In the process of preparation of confectionery products (cakes, cookies, cakes) necessitates correctly to be able to adjust the temperature of the oven, because at a certain temperature the oven can be more or less rosy product. One like when baking is tender with a crispy crust, while others, on the contrary, the taste of the soft crust without the Express baking.
How to determine temperature in a gas oven
The temperature in the oven when baking you need to install depending on the type of test, size and shape of the product. Temperature are distinguished thus: moderate temperature 130-180 degrees, average 180-220, high – 220-270 degrees Celsius.
The temperature of the oven, which is heated by electricity via a built-in convection, regulated easily and simply. To do this, simply set the desired oven temperature, in line with the instructions of a special display or calibration, which is present around the handle.
More complex ways to regulate temperature of ovens with gas heat. In many cases, gas ovens have a calibration regulations handle in numbers (e.g. 1 through 9) or the provisions of the gas flow Adjuster marked with simple lines of levels from 1 to 7. In addition, it happens that the thermometer of the oven is ruined. In such cases, to know the temperature?
First, you can buy a thermometer for the oven (e.g., order in the online store). The average price of the thermometers for the oven - 500-600 RUB
You can also see the user manual for the gas hob, it should be written as to determine the temperature of the oven of this stove.
In addition, you can use a special table of temperatures to ovens of various designs (see table of temperatures for gas oven with 9 divisions).
In the case of the 7 main provisions of the knob the oven temperature use the following table.
You can write the table of conformity of numbers or divisions of the temperature controller of the oven and attach on the fridge or on the inside of kitchen Cabinet door. When cooking you will need to just take a look at this table and to set the desired temperature.
In addition, the temperature in the gas oven can also be defined in the national way, using a small pinch of flour. To know the temperature in the oven, should first to the middle of the baking sheet in the preheated oven, throw a small amount of flour (lots of flour put not necessary, because the flour burns very quickly!) and then within 30 seconds to watch her behaviour:

- If the flour gradually and uniformly yellowing, it means that the fire was too small (weak) and the oven temperature is 180 – 200 degrees.

- If the first flour turns yellow, and after 30 seconds begins to darken, it means that the fire of the middle level, and the oven temperature is 220-240 degrees.

- If the flour immediately begins to blacken or simply char, it means that the fire was too strong, and the oven temperature is 270-280 degrees.
The temperature in the oven can also be other simple way - using paper. Put a small thin piece of white paper to the bottom of the oven. If it slowly starts to turn yellow it means that the average oven temperature if the piece will quickly become brown - high temperature, the fire is too strong.
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Advice 2 : How to determine the degrees on the oven

There are many different models of cookers. Plate different price categories differ from one another by comfort and design. For example, some of the plates in the oven may be missing a thermometer. Instead, on the knob of the oven are numerical values. To know what value corresponds to a particular temperature regime in the following ways.
How to determine the degrees on the oven
The digits according to degrees you can learn from the instruction that came with the stove. If this is not available, try to find out the model of your stove. Carefully inspect it. Search for her name or marking. If you learn the necessary information, you can find the manual on the manufacturer's website or chat with other owners of such plates via the Internet. Perhaps they still have documentation for this model plate.
Buy a special thermometer made of stainless steel. You can find a special thermometer for the oven. If the stores in your city this device is not for sale, look for its stores through the Internet. You can pick up a thermometer for the price and design that will look seamless on the oven. Such thermometers are made of stainless steel.
Determine the degree with ordinary baking flour. Enough to take a little pinch of this product. Put into the oven on a baking sheet a white sheet of paper. Oven should be warmed up. Put on paper a little flour and observe her condition for a few seconds. Rapid charring of the flour means that the temperature in the oven corresponds to 270-280 degrees. Quick change yellow flour on dark brown means that the oven warmed up to 220-240 degrees. If the flour slowly acquired a shade of yellow, the oven temperature is not above 180-200 degrees.
Also check the temperature of your oven, you can use white sugar. Sprinkle a teaspoon of sugar on the foil to form a small hill. Foil should be laid on a baking sheet in a hot oven. Slowly increase the oven temperature using the slider. If you notice that the sugar started to melt, unable to stop turning the knob. The oven temperature at this point is 200 degrees. This temperature is enough to bake most dishes.
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