First, it should be noted that to create a Supplement to a previously issued order is very convenient, and tax issues will not be there. Some companies sign a few commands that contradict each other, for example, an order about the payment of travel expenses prior to departure. Following is the order on payment of such costs upon return of the employee from the trip. Of course, it's easy to get confused whether to pay before, or after. In this case, is made Supplement, which is stitched to the previously released regulatory document.
In the preparation of a Supplement to the previously signed order, make a note about what it is, namely additionm Also indicate the number, date, and purpose of the previous order, so you can make the following formulation: "Supplementing the order to (purpose) no (please specify order) from (specify the date)...".
To change one of the conditions of the previous edition of the administrative document, you can make this wording: "Paragraph number (please specify) order from (specify date) number (number of orders) shall be amended ...", then select the modified text.
Of course, the previous order can be cancelled by order of the head, and then draw it in the new edition. This method is used most often as it's very convenient: all the conditions prescribed in one, and it is not necessary to consider several orders.
Additions to orders can make only the person who signed it and, accordingly, to sign the clarifying document when he can. Then put a blue stamp of the organization. The Supplement must also be recorded. Note that it has the same legal effect as the administrative document. The addition is attached to the previously issued orders.