In order to shift responsibilities to the employee's supervisor, the organization should obtain the written consent of the employee for the temporary performance of the official duties of a temporarily absent employee. To do this, execute the supplementary agreement, which stipulates what duties, in what circumstances and in what period of time the employee will perform.
On the basis of the signed supplementary agreement, publish the order on imposing of duties. In order be sure to indicate the period during which an employee is to temporarily perform the duties. If an employee temporarily performs duties without interruption from your main work, in order be sure to indicate the amount of additional payments for combining jobs.
The size of surcharge is established on the basis of internal regulations about payment to the company or in accordance with the Annex to the collective agreement of the organization.
In that case the laying of obligations on the employee not entail a change in his job duties or any change in the terms of the employment agreement between the company and employee, laying duties you can perform without entering into a supplementary agreement. For this, you only need to order the temporary execution of duties in the prescribed form in accordance with the rules of record keeping.
At the laying of duties without prior registration of the additional agreement, the charges for temporary performance of duties, you stipulate with the employee.
After placing the order on imposing of duties on the employee, a copy of the order sent to the accounting Department for the further calculation of remuneration employee's main work and temporary performance of duties of absent employee.