You will need
  • the contract
Carefully read the main contract. Additional agreement modifies or terminates it. This means that the agreement will be an integral part thereof. The agreement must meet all the same requirements as the agreement, and at the conclusion of apply similar rules.
The supplementary agreement is in the following cases:
- by consent of the parties, unless it contradicts the law or the contract;
- at the request of one of the parties on the basis of a court decision or the provisions of law and other normative acts;
- in case of unilateral refusal to perform the contract in full or in part, if such refusal is permitted by law or contract.
Specify in the header of the additional agreement the time and place of its conclusion, the parties of the additional agreement to the contract. The terms of the supplementary agreement shall enter into force from the moment of its signing (unless otherwise provided by agreement, contract or law).
Include in the text of the cap agreement information about part of what contract it is (must contain the contract number and the date of signing).
List in the agreement all the conditions under which it should be achieved. It is also desirable to specify which parts, sections, clauses are changed, supplemented or invalidated.
Sign the additional agreement signed by the parties, a staple of the signature seals (if scheduled). The next to be the title of signer, signature.
An additional agreement must be issued in the same form as the basic contract. Therefore, if the Treaty passed the state registration or notary public, and an additional agreement must undergo the same procedure, otherwise it will be considered invalid.