To start, make sure that the employee with whom you intend to conclude an agreement on full individual material responsibility, and meets the requirements of such persons article 244 of the labour code listed in the article. Prepare forms standard form of contract presented in Appendix N2 to the order dated 31.12.2002 G. N85 Ministry of labor.Start filling in the contract with the full name of the enterprise in the appropriate column. Next, enter the name of the name and patronymic of the head of the company authorized to sign such documents, and the name of the employee accepting the obligations listed in the contract.
In a substantial part of the contract, list the obligations of the parties. First, the employee of the acceptance of full financial responsibility (maintenance of facilities, maintenance of records, participation in audits, compensation), then the employer (the creation of conditions for work, the employee is familiarized with legislative acts on the subject, timely audits, etc.).
The final part will post items concerning the determination of the extent of damage and the procedure of reimbursement, the order of determining the degree of fault and responsibility of the employee, the time the agreement enters into force, the number of copies of the agreement and the amendments to its terms. Give the contract for the signature of the Director and hire the employee, check the seal of the organization and specify the date of the agreement. Make a contract in two copies, one of which after signing give to the employee, and the second in the service of the company.