You will need
  • the forms of relevant documents, employee records, documents of enterprises, printing organizations
If an employee works on two jobs in the same organization, and he wishes to make reconciliation for the workbook, he should write a letter to the company with a request to make the entry in his workbook about part-time jobs.
The head reviews the application and, in case of acceptance, sets the resolution with signature and date. Further issues an order on appointment of the employee to the position of part-time.
In the contract about additional profession prescribes that this work is for the employee combination. In this work, the employee is entitled to work in their spare time. The contract is signed by the head of the firm and the employee.
HR, in turn, indicates in the employment record of the employee's date of hiring part-time. The information about the writes that the employee is accepted for a certain position in the subdivision which prescribes that the profession is a combination. The reason puts the number and date of issuance of the order on appointment for more work.
If an employee works for two companies, the basic place of work it is necessary to write the application that the cadre did in his workbook entry of an additional post in other company. From work, which is a combination, it is one of the documents: labour contract, a copy of the order on employment, certificate on the letterhead containing the fact of receiving to the post, with the organization stamp and Director's signature.
On the basis of the documents presented by the employee of the personnel Department's primary work is writing in the workbook, when, what position, what company, at what structural unit is adopted by the employee part-time.
If the employee decided to resign with additional work, the workbook must contain a record about the dismissal of part-time.
If the secondary profession is for the main employee, he needs to resign from both posts, and then the head of the enterprise takes it at the main place of work, a part-time basis.