To directories, free ads in section "real Estate" you can find a lot of attractive ads. Visit one of our sites (,, select your region, "real Estate", "Commercial" or "Areas". Usually there are two options: "Sell" and "rent." Select the second, write down the phone numbers and names of the owners of attractive sites.
Call on a few numbers, tell us what you are looking for land for Parking. Can reduce the price history on a limited budget of a small company. Usually site owners, long idle time wasted, ready to meet the issue price.
Sign a rental agreement. Can speed up the process by using the services of a notary. If the transaction amount is small, you can use the standard form of agreement (the many sample documents provided on the website
You can reduce the cost of the rental by signing a short term agreement for a period of 11 months with subsequent prolongation. On the other hand, this method save can be risky because property prices in the attractive areas tend to increase. If you think that the rent may increase substantially, you can sign a contract for a period of 5 years (in this case, it is better to take the help of a lawyer specializing in land law).
Rent municipal land can save your budget, reward plot in an attractive area. Often free sites are exposed on the Federal portal of tenders "Procurement" ( In the search menu on the website, enter the phrase "rental area of [your city]".
Clearing a clogged land within the city consistent with the plans of the municipal administration, but often to this important procedure, the authorities "do not reach the hands". You can come to the local authority and offer assistance to clean up polluted land for lease. Sometimes under the mountains of trash hidden land in Prime location, which is especially important for the device of the Parking lot.