The first step is to find someone who wants the garage to remove. To do this, an advertising company in media and post ads in the area to find a garage. In the ad, specify the size of garageand amount of rent and terms of lease, that is, you pass it temporarily, permanently, etc.
After I found someone who is willing you have to remove the garage, draw up the tenancy agreement and set all conditions of employment, the payment amount, terms; specify who will pay for electricity, lease terms, details of both parties and the coordinates for communication.
The lease contract should be in duplicate, sign both sides and store each of the parties.
If you don't take the amount of rent ahead, additionally you need to specify where, when and how you will be paid rent.
While in the garagee of your property, it is necessary to remove or cover, especially if you store something valuable.
But, just to pass the garage to get the rental fee is not everything. According to the Russian law any income of a citizen should be subject to income tax. If you do not want to receive a huge fine and have to deal with the law, contact the tax office and submit a notification that you rent a garage and have a certain amount of income from its rent. Attach a copy of the lease agreement. You will be charged income tax at the rate of 13% of the cost of renting a garage.
Every year you will need to visit the tax authorities and fill in the income Declaration.
If you pass a garage on a legal basis, in the future you will not have any problems.