Go to your personal mailbox on Yandex.<url>. This can be done from the home page and from the page typing the address directly into your browser or clicking on it from the main page of Yandex on the link "log in to your mail" in the upper right corner of the page.
Visit your Inbox in the top right corner you will see your address in the format Click on it with the left mouse button, and unfold the menu list in which you will need to select "Passport".
You will be redirected to the page "Yandex Passport stating your personal information. Her direct address: On this page, you can specify e-mail addresses and mobile phone numbers, which can also help you when recovering a password. Here you can change password or change access settings.
Click on the link "Change personal data" - it is under your personal information.
Page opens the Edit personal data". Here you can specify or edit your name and surname, date of birth, country, city, time zone, and specify an e-mail for feedback (which can also help to restore lost password).
Here, under the field "Name" is specified your secret question and answer. Next you'll see the link to "Change secret question/answer." By clicking it you can choose a question from the list. If you choose "Ask a private question", open field where you can enter a question of your own. In the box below, it will be necessary to specify the answer.
After you have selected or entered the question and have the answer you need in the box below to indicate the answer to the previous security question security reasons. Next, enter your password and click "Save". The changes will take effect.