If you forgot the password of your account on Yandex, then click "Login" on the main page of Yandex, then in authorization window click "Remember password", enter your username and enter the characters from the image. You will be offered several ways to recover the password, depending on the information on the page "Personal data". If you indicated when registering your phone number, you will be able to receive SMS with a password; if you have specified the address of the other mailbox, then it will be sent instructions to restore the access; the third option you will be prompted to enter the answer to the "secret question". Then proceed according to the instructions of the Yandex.
If you have forgotten not just the password, and payment password Yandex-money, then the recovery procedure is the following. Go to your Yandex account, click on your username in the upper right corner of the home page, then on the line "Personal data". Click on the tab "Billing information" and click "forgot payment password".You will be sent an SMS with a recovery code, and if you did binding of your phone number to your account. If tied phone no, but do you remember the code that was specified at registration, you can request E-mail link for new password.
If you remember the recovery code also failed, you can fill out an application for the restoration of the password and submit it in person at the office of Yandex in Moscow or St. Petersburg, or notarized and send it certified mail. The application form can be downloaded here: