At the time of registration mailbox "Yandex" at the same time it is registered and account in this system. Recovery own remote email log in to your account and click on the "Create mailbox". However, keep in mind that the information stored there can not be restored.
If you delete not only your Inbox, but the account, re-register in the system. As a rule, the name of the remote account within 3 months is considered to be occupied, so during this period you cannot register under my old name. After this period, if your old address is not occupied by another user, register Inbox under your name.
In addition, the administration of the postal service "Yandex" is able to remove your mailbox because of a failure to use it within a specific period of time stipulated in the agreement. To restore it, in this case, contact customer support indicating your problem and the necessary data. Be sure to specify additional email address to which you have access. After a few days you will receive a response.
Often the reason for the removal of the mailbox is sending spam or virus message with your mailing address. This happens if your email was accessed scammers. The system in this case blocks or deletes your email. To solve this problem, also contact technical support, they can assist you in the recovery box.
In addition, prepare all the necessary information you used when registering a mailbox, for example security question and answer. These data may need to restore your mailbox "Yandex".