Recover forgotten passwordby specifying an optional email address. This e-mail you mention when registering your mailbox. At the Internetmail message arrives, which confirms that this e-mail will be subsidiary to the main recovery email. If you forgot the password of the registered mail, then after the request to the address specified as an extra, you will receive a letter with recommendations for restoration.
Give the answer to the secret question. This is the traditional method for password recovery e-mail box. The answer to the secret question you used when registering email. It can be standard - from the list - or you can make your own. For example, "mother's Maiden name" or "Your favorite phone". After all a passwordthat consists of a simple set of characters is easy to crack, so the question must be unusual and easy to remember.
Use the mobile phone number in case of loss of password by email. Often e-mail services offer to enter the number of your mobile phone you provided during registration. Usually request the last four digits. On your request you will receive a message with a code that gives access to the system password recovery.
Contact the website if you do not remember answer to the secret question, did not register additional email addresses, do not specify a mobile phone number during registration. Remember, you need to prove to them in your message that you have the unique right to use your e-mail. You need to specify a lot of information. For example, the date of the last times the use of the mailbox and the information provided during registration. Try to use all the options offered.