You will need
  • envelope,
  • - handle
  • Blanca.
Select which letter you will send – certified or registered (if the right to the choice you have). In some cases, procedural legislation of Russia specifically indicate that the documents should be sent sure registered letter with acknowledgment of receipt. If you have a case and have the inventory sent documents should be issued not on the form of the Russian Mail, in the form of a cover letter.
Collect all the documents you intend to send a registered letter. On a separate sheet of paper write a cover letter. In the upper right corner, specify the recipient of the letter. As the title write "About the direction of the documents". The letter will briefly explain the purpose for which you sent the documents. Below, as annexes, list the names of all sent documents. Write the date, your signature, transcript, and contact information.
Seal a cover letter with all applications in an envelope. Write a detailed address of the recipient and go to the post office to send all this by registered mail with return receipt requested (if notice is required).
Download the form list of attachment form 107 Russian post (if you still decide to send the documents by mail with the declared value). Fill out the form in a text editor and then print 2 copies. Either hand in the post office, fill two standard form for the sample. One copy will remain with you, and the second will be sent to the recipient. If necessary, you can still issue a form of notification of delivery.
The value of the documents, assign as desired. The higher the value, the more compensation you will receive in case of loss of the letter. (But the more you pay for the shipping.) Usually these letters is estimated at 10 p. Separate attachments can be left without evaluation, in this case in the appropriate column of the inventory put a dash.
Adesiva the envelope except the addresses of the sender and receiver specify and the overall value of the investment. Usually write it on a blank spot on the envelope top. Rubles the amount indicated in words, penny – numbers. Do not seal the envelope with the documents until the postman doesn't check attachments and certify the inventory with his / her signature and seal of office! Get the employee email a copy of inventory and receipt of payment.