A notification is issued as a standard document. Paper size A-4 mandatory fields: top and bottom two inches left, three inches to the right, you can put a field and a half or two inches. In the upper right corner write the recipient, who receives the notification: the post, below the line the surname and initials, then the address, if notice is sent by mail. Two lines below, in the center of the sheet place the word "Notice", it can be set off in bold or capital letters.
Next, with a red line write the text of the notification according to our approximate model: "we Inform you that on the basis of the contract (enter number) from (specify the date of the agreement) (indicate the name of the first hand - notifier) has concluded a contract with (specify the second party to the contract) (insert the subject matter of the contract). Then, it is necessary briefly to outline the conditions specified in the contract. This can end informative part of the notice. Below the two lines you need to specify the data organization of the notifier. As the caps insert the phrase "Data on the organization and specify the information. This license, the service that stores the documents or district in which they were registered. As well as, actual and postal address of the organization, surname, name and patronymic of the Director of the organization, and contact phone number. At the bottom of the notification, you must supply the date of the notification signature and the signature of the head, stamped with the seal of the organization.
So you write the notification in a free form.