You will need
  • notebook
  • - pen or marker
  • envelope.
To find your nearest concert or public appearance of her favorite artist. Wait for him at an appointed place and don't be afraid to approach with a request to sign. Surely you've seen pictures of happy fans with his object of adoration. These are the people who were able to overcome his modesty and fear and approached with a similar request. Often public people understand the desires of their fans and refuse to desire to take a picture or get an autograph.
Go to the autograph session. In recent times, this tradition is gaining momentum. Many famous people are in your busy schedule for a couple of hours to mingle with fans and sign autographs. Most importantly, don't forget to bring a notebook and pen. Very disappointing to go to such an event, but never to the painting of the idol.
If you do not live in the same city as your idol, do not despair. And then you have all chances to get the desired autograph. First ask whether your community fan club for your favorite artist. It is possible that the official fan club yet. In this scenario, you have all chances to become the organizer of the club fans. This will give you the opportunity to contact with the official fan club and to arrange a meeting with the idol, when he arrives in your city.
Please contact the fan club in your city, if such still exists. You can become a member of the club, and it will give certain privileges. You will participate in meetings of fans in your city, you will be able to share photos of idol and just find like-minded people. Also, your fan club will be able to get the autograph, turning into an official club.
Write a letter to the main fans of your favorite artist if the previous methods do not suit for any reason. You should not have any illusions that your letter will reach the artist. Understand him if he will read all letters that come to him, then work simply won't remain neither time, nor forces. But here's the official fan club will definitely read your letter, and you can be assured that you will receive the autograph of the artist by mail. The main thing - do not be discouraged. Even if you live several thousand miles away from your idol, you have all chances to get his autograph.