You will need
  • Postal or email address of the idol; stationery or computer with Internet access.
The mailing address of a famous person is difficult to find, it usually do not advertise. However, the sites of the official fan clubs of stars and on the official website of the celebrity sometimes has information about the subscriber box which you can send correspondence.

To turn to the idol of the can and through the Internet, by addressing a message to the email address intended for emails of fans. Information about this e-mail address is known, people almost always give on its official website. In addition, for communication with the star you can use social networks if they have genuine homepage of your idol.
Before you begin writing your letter, answer the question, why did you write to his idol. Perhaps you want to Express your love and admiration or, on the contrary, discontent; tell about yourself; ask for help or offer help, etc. Clearly stated purpose of the message will help you in writing your letter.
Select a call to his idol, depending on his age and how he positions himself. For example, Lev Leshchenko, who plays in a serious artistic manner, it's likely the conservative treatment of the name and patronymic – Lev Valerjanovich. At the same time, "ranetka" Anya Rudnev probably be surprised if an ardent admirer of the letter will call her Anna Olegovna. No matter how you call an idol, by name or by name and patronymic, norms of politeness require that you use the pronoun "You".
But mentally you used to share with his idol all the bitterness and joy, yet do not forget that for him you are still a stranger. Do not write about intimate matters of personal life star. Despite the fact that famous people always in mind, to invade their personal space - a sign of disrespect.
Avoid writing on the patients for your idol theme. Often it is a question of protection of famous and wealthy parents, the prosperity of the famous competitor for the actor – the discussion of the role from role where he can't get out. Your advantage is that you follow the life of his idol, read his interview and surely you know the topics that irritate and inhibit the star.
Try to keep your letter was interesting and memorable, and maybe your idol will write to you in response.