To become a promoter, you need to contact advertising Agency specializing in such actions, and write its coordinates. It is useful to read a newspaper advertisement or Internet publication. The more information about yourself you offer, the more customers will want to work with you, because you can communicate with open and honest people twice as nice.
Typically, the firm-the client clearly thinks the alignment of their employees to reach the maximum number of people passing by. If you had to choose a place yourself, look closely at the human stream. Where the greatest number of potential customers, at which time work can bring the best result. In the future, these skills will allow you to accurately choose the best points and even rise to supervisor (reviewer).
Going to work, try to be neat and clean: clean shoes, comfortable loose clothing. You will need to communicate with people, and thus to make a favorable impression. If your job involves the wearing of uniforms, consider your clothes so that you were neither hot nor cold. Try not to take a bag with personal belongings, because you will have nowhere to put it, and to carry in the hand with leaflets and even a knapsack uncomfortable.
Offering the man a leaflet, look him in the eye and smile. Try to be friendly even when you refuse and are rude. Do not impose your products to those who are clearly negative. Limit your conversations on the phone while working, do not be distracted from the main occupation. Aside and chewing gum, it is indecent. Don't stand there with a bored look, show interest in their work, not just otbyvaet time.
Do not stand all the time in one place. Turn around, walk back and forth, trying to cover a large area. Try not to block sellers when it comes to handing out stuff in the Mall or around the open ranks. Don't throw out the flyers and try to pick the ones that dropped people passing by. Remember - all works good!