First you need to decide what result you want to achieve. If you only write songs, you need to find one who will. That song really became famous, she needs to sing a popular singer or a singer. Think about who of contemporary artists, the song could be on the inner attitude, and then try to find contacts of the production center, which deals with the promotion of this star. Meet producer favorite musician and offer your song. If the composition will be suitable, it will definitely take work.
If you are the author and performer of his own songs, and you want to become a famous musician, you will need to record a demo version of the song that you think is successful and then send it to the radio. In this case you will have to consider the music policy of radio stations, some broadcasting stations broadcast songs only in Russian, some only ballad songs, some only rock music. Try to find a suitable station, and send a composition its musical editor.
To send your own composition can also be in one of the production centers engaged in the promotion of talented musicians. The most famous of them are the centers of Maxim Fadeev, Igor Matvienko, and Konstantin Meladze (VelvetMusic) and Grigory Leps. Do not hesitate to once again call the organization and ask, whether listened to your song, because the editors usually do not meet the performers, whose musical material is not suitable.
Every year in Russia conducted a large number of music competitions that can help aspiring artists to achieve fame and demand. If your composition matches the format of the competition, you can apply and take part in it. Information about these competitions can be found on the forums of musicians wanting to achieve fame, for example, or
And finally a song of his own composing, you can publish in social networks, in the case that it will appeal to the Internet community, you can create your own page where you can interact with fans and promote their creativity. If you want your song as quickly as possible became popular, it is best to register at multiple sites designed to accommodate songs.