Advice 1: How to make a signature

If you dream of becoming famous or just want to have a signed passport and official papers looked solid, you just need a bright and beautiful autograph.
How to make a signature
Does not necessarily have a calligraphic hand, to know how to sign.

The main thing - training: to get the hand to perfection, so she in any position could represent the necessary markings intact.
Some of the celebrities of art "negligence" caused, in particular, speed of signing, sometimes does from the signature of the whole mystery. However, one thing is beautifully and boldly to sign for fans, and the other is strictly and carefully in the official papers.
The basis of the autograph can take the whole name, but can be part of it. For example, try to draw the first three letters of your last name (this is a fairly common method). The option like stop.
Next, enter in the consideration of the initials, the first letters of name and patronymic, and we write them in combination with the name. Put them in a different order, combine, for example, the location of one letter to another or the flow of one letter to another.
If you are satisfied with the resulting appearance of the autograph, it is possible to bring in additional flavor of some of the original loop (especially if there is the letter "u" or "d"), switchcom have capital letters (mostly "B", "b" and "P"), or even reverse the defiance of the signature from right to left followed by a bend and an inclined line up and get a sort of ribbon.
If you want you can learn to impersonate any autograph, but to minimize the likelihood of such a, keep in mind when you create the autograph, that it should be difficult to reproduce for other people, so all sorts of squiggles will be very useful. They are not only decorative in nature. You can still bring in the signature some of the features of the handwriting.
How to make a signature

Advice 2: How to make a watermark on a photo in Paint

Watermark on the web image as the artist's signature on the painting indicates the authorship of the work. To make the watermark can be free graphic editor
How to make a watermark on a photo in Paint
Start Paint and create a new image with new command from the menu "File". Double-click on the icon "Background" on the layers panel. In the dialog box, clear the check box for the properties "Visible" background will be transparent. Add a new layer Ctrl+Shift+N or click on the icon "Add new layer" in the layers panel.
On the toolbar, click T. On the properties panel, set font type and size. The main color set white - he comes to a dark and bright background images. Write the text that you selected as your watermark.
On the toolbar select the "rectangular Selection region" or press S on the keyboard. Select a rectangle over the text and press Ctrl+X to cut the selected area. On the layers panel, click the "x" to delete the layer. Add a new layer and Ctrl+V to insert the cut piece.
Hold down the Shift key, grab the mouse one of the corner sizing handles and drag to center or from center to change the size of the label. When the size you want, press Enter. Double-click on the layer icon in the layers panel and lower the opacity to around 70. Save the image in png or pdn command "Save as" from the menu "File".
As a watermark, you can use a picture. You can create it yourself or find a ready image. Remove picture background using the tool "Magic wand". In the properties panel, set the mode to "Addition", a sensitivity about 17%. Click on the areas that you wish to remove and click Delete.
Select drawing tool "select rectangular region", then click on the keyboard M. resize the image as in section 4, but do not press Enter to around the picture was a rectangle. In the menu "Adjustments," click "black and white".
Again, activate the tool "Magic wand" in the "Add" and click on the background. In the menu edit choose the command "invert selection". In the menu "Effects" in group "Art", click the "pencil Sketch". Installation leave the default.
Then in the same menu in the "Styling" hit "Emboss" and choose the rotation angle that the picture was the most expressive. Reduce the transparency of the image and save in png or pdn.
Add watermark on image easier using the command "Import from file" in the menu "Layers".
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