You will need
  • Computer
  • Access to the Internet
  • The software package Microsoft Office
  • The idea
  • Printer, copy machine
  • Paper
  • The advice of an accountant
  • Cash on the mail
First of all, let's define the main idea of the grant application. You can go two ways: to look for the competition for a specific idea or looking for an idea for a specific competition. Currently a huge number of funds (public and private, domestic and international, regional and foreign) offers to participate in competitions for grants. Each of them has stringent requirements on the design of the application, which must be strictly executed.
Think of a succinct title that reflects the main idea. Complete your cover sheet in accordance with the proposed grantor template.
Carefully work through the section "Summary (summary). Usually, this section takes up exactly half of an A4 page and answer the questions:
- what is the novelty and relevance of the project;
- what are its goals and objectives, milestones and expected outcomes from the project;
- what's the project budget how much money you need to attract and how you are willing to invest in the project. Return to this section again and again, gradually bringing it to perfection.
Go to the writing sections of "Introduction-introduction" and "Justification". Use simple language. Do not overload the text of professional terms. Give vivid and imaginative examples of the situation, leads to the desired conclusions.
The section "Goals and objectives" should have one main goal and several objectives-stages for reaching it. A competent formulation of the task will facilitate the writing of the section "Methodology and schedule," since each task must be completion of the next stage in the plan.
Pay special attention to the section "summary and evaluation". Clearly list the expected outcomes (tangible and intangible), linking them with the implementation of task-stages. Use quantitative and qualitative evaluation indicators, to be able to give specific figures occurred as a result of the project implementation of positive change.
The section "Budget and explanation of budget use proposed by the grantor, and only those items, which they agreed. Amount specify subject to necessary taxes. Be sure to consult with an experienced accountant about what expenses you may incur in case of obtaining grant funding. The budget also better to link the stages, since the grantor transfers funds parts. Each expense must be justified in the appropriate section of the application. Specify in this section: total project cost, amount requested, funds available (at least 30 % of the total amount).
Getting to the section "Future funding", and describe the possible options of renewal (continuation) of the project and also specify by what means this can be carried out. The options are: fundraising (attracting sponsorship) or self-sufficiency.
In the "Apps" section place the materials that can contribute to a positive attitude to the project members. It can be illustrations, layouts, diplomas, publications, documentary evidence of previous victories in similar contests, the results of the implementation of other projects and the like. Enlist the support of influential people and organizations. Have them write "letters of support", which will indicate that the project has a special significance, and its author is highly respected within a specific social environment; that, in the case of obtaining funding, these people (organizations) are willing to take active part in project implementation.
Start preparing a "Cover letter" to the organizers of the competition. Do not forget to specify contact information. Make an inventory of the enclosed documents. Record the copy of the application on electronic media. Attach it to the application. Send the documents by registered letter to the address of the contest organizers in advance to in case of existing shortcomings would promptly correct them.