Advice 1: How to fill in a pdf document

As you know, documents in PDF format is not intended to be changed after creation. However, some of them contain forms that can be filled. After filling out such a document can be printed together as data.
How to fill in a pdf document
Download and install the latest version of the original viewer Adobe Reader. If you view documents in PDF format you can use third-party applications, to fill in them forms required by the original Reader. It's free and available for both Linux and Windows. To download it click on the following link:
Start Adobe Reader and open the document that you must fill out a form. At the same time, open any editor, designed to work with documents in the format "text only", for example, in Linux KWrite or Geany in Windows Notepad.
Enter the data that should be in the form fields in the document, not directly in them, and text editor. For each new field, use a separate line. The document will save.
Using the clipboard (copy - Control+C paste - Control+V), move data from rows in a text document in the corresponding form fields in a PDF document. Make sure that, first, the fields are filled in correctly, and secondly, all the data are in those fields that are intended for them.
Make printing the PDF document. Make the number of copies of the document with the completed form as necessary.
Close Adobe Reader. Simultaneously with its closure will cause the loss of data entered into the form, but you still have a copy in a text document. When you will need to fill out a form, you can move the data fields from a text document instead of typing them again.
If there are only two or three fields, but in each instances you need to fill them in different ways (for example, printed greeting cards), a text editor can not be used, filling in the fields manually before each print. Note, however, that in this case after closing Adobe Reader, the data entered in form fields will be lost.

Advice 2: How to create a document in Adobe Reader 9

PDF documents easy to use and versatile in operation. To open, read and edit them using the Adobe Reader, however, to create such files, it will not work.
Adobe Reader 9 is the tool for reading PDF files and work with them. This program is very easy to browse, print, copy, files of this format. Feature of this program is that it is repeatable, the files are not different from printed, so you can immediately transfer them to the paper without loss of quality. The document created a variety of tools to highlight and edit text by which the use of PDF files becomes more accessible and functional.

Features of Adobe Reader

However, unlike printed documents, files, Adobe Reader may contain additional information in an interactive mode: links in the PDF document aktiviziruyutsya when you click on them, can be buttons, form fields can be filled, and the video or audio to turn on and watch or listen to. In PDF documents you can insert charts, tables and graphs as in a normal text document. The PDF file format for 20 years, is actively used in the workflow of different organizations and is constantly improving. It is approved by the international organization for standardization (ISO).

Create files in PDF format

However, Adobe Reader created read-only files and small changes that you can make with it. You cannot create a PDF file in Adobe Reader. A web service Create a file in it in several ways: open and choose the welcome screen function CreatePDF Online. As the name implies, will run the mode for creating the document directly online. You can also select in the menu "share" and then "Create PDF files". The third way is to find the icon for "Create PDF" on the Adobe Reader toolbar.

Then in the window that opens, you can start to generate a PDF file from the very beginning, either click on the link "Select the file you want to convert to PDF and select the location of the desired document. After the command "Convert" the document will change its format to PDF. The process can be completed. Now the file will open in Adobe Reader, and it can work. To create a document in PDF can and using text file Microsoft Office 2007 or 2010, if you save the document select "Save as" then in the drop-down list to find the PDF. Program for creating files is free while Adobe Reader is the paid version up to the professional.

Advice 3: In pdf add text

Portable Document Format (PDF) is one of the standards for the storage of documents containing text, images and even forms that you can fill. Despite the fact that in its most common form today, the text ofthe my Microsoft Office Word has an option to save a document in this format to edit pdf files he can't. Therefore, if there is a need to make any changes in this file you have to install extra computer software.
In pdf add text
You will need
  • Foxit PhantomPDF.
Choose the most suitable application for editing pdf documents. This may be one of the products of the company Adobe, the developer of this format - or any editor of a third-party manufacturer. The last time the famous line of apps to work with pdf documents from company Foxit Corporation. To select and load one of its programmes on the website of the manufacturer
After installing the application open the document into which you want to add text. This can be done by double-clicking the document file or through the standard dialogue. This dialog is invoked by pressing Ctrl + O or selecting "Open" under "File" menu.
Scroll through the document until the page you want to add the text, expand the "Comments" menu of the editor. This can be done with a mouse click and press Alt and S. Go to the section "Placing textand" (W) and select the "typewriter Tool" (shortcut T). Then click the page to begin entering the desired text. Its precise positioning in relation to the original textbut at this stage not required.
After the end of the set, pick up the convenient location of this additional fragment. Move the mouse pointer onto the frame the textand move it with the left button to the desired location.
Using the control elements at the top of the program window change the font of the added textand its size, color, align center, right or left edge. In addition to these standard is for textoriented editors tools there are also those that are more often used for working with textom in graphic editors - change the letter spacing, scaling vertically and horizontally.
Save the edited document in this section the "File" menu editor designed items "Save" and "Save as". They invoke the standard dialog used in most editors, therefore, unlikely to cause any issues.
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