The common practice of scanning the documents and send to colleagues and business partners in PDF format. But it is with editing files of this format the user is generated more problems. They can be solved as using one of the free software and convert file from PDF to Word document.
To make corrections or add a scanned document to PDF, use CutePDF, the free version which can be downloaded at official website of the developers at Upload the document in the traditional way using the File menu and click Open and then start editing.
If you are reading a large document on multiple pages and you need a lot to edit, use the online or offline Converter to convert PDF to Word. Online-convert can be done on the website Just upload your PDF file and after conversion, download the Word document ready.
As an offline Converter, you can use the program Some PDF To Word Converter, which can be downloaded on the official website at Install the program on your computer, add the file and get the result of conversion of text document.