Advice 1: How to quickly get rid of belly fat

"Labor corn", "beer belly" or "abdomen" - whatever it is, but obesity in the abdominal area poses a serious risk to health. Big belly is not only an aesthetic problem. According to doctors, if not to fight belly fat, there is a risk of ischemia, diabetes, cholecystitis, metabolic syndrome and other diseases.
How to quickly remove belly fat


The truth about fat

Very few people know that fat is of 2 types:

  • subcutaneous - superficial, lying directly under the skin. It is a gentle/loose fat, the one that can touch and "pinch". Usually there in the lower part of the body, forming a figure in the shape of a pear. Abdominal such fat approximately 80-85%;
  • visceral - the fat surrounding the internal organs of each person (heart, lungs, liver). Visceral fat is found in the human body in the amount of 10-15%.

Is inexact to believe that if lean people there is no subcutaneous fat layer and the internal fat. Visceral fat they have, and this could be a big problem.

The fat of the body is necessary to ensure vital functions. The whole question -in the amount of visceral fat. People with stomach internal fat a lot more than you need. This fat is not just "dead weight" in the body. Excess visceral fat negatively affects the functions of the human body. In large volumes it may be a condition for the occurrence of the following diseases:

  • metabolic syndrome;
  • cancer;
  • stroke;
  • varicose veins;
  • thrombosis;
  • hormonal disturbances.
  • diabetes.

Proper balanced diet and active lifestyle will help to prevent the accumulation of both subcutaneous and internal fat in the abdomen.

The secret of belly fat – proper nutrition

In order to reduce the amount of body fat, you need as often as possible is. Instead of 2-3 large and abundant meals, you need to eat 4-5 times per days in small portions.

The process of losing weight starts, if you reduce daily calories by 10-15%. The average number of calories per 1 kg of body weight for the average person leading a sedentary lifestyle, should not be more than 30 kcal. That is, if you weight 80 kg caloric daily intake is around 2400-2500 kcal. To lose weight caloric content of the menu should not exceed 2100-2200 kcal.

With each meal you need to take a lean protein (egg whites, lean fish or chicken). The carbohydrate component of the food should be complex carbohydrates - oatmeal, buckwheat, brown rice. In the second half of the day consumption of carbohydrates is minimized.

When planning a diet you need to adhere to the following ratios of carbohydrates, proteins and fats:

  • protein – 35%;
  • complex carbohydrates – 50%;
  • unsaturated fats – 15%.

A balanced diet will solve the issue with fat in the abdomen by approximately 70%. The remaining 30% is enough exercise.

Effective exercises and aerobic activity

Every owner of a substantial "abdomen" should realize that the miraculous techniques for quick relief from the stomach simply does not exist! In 3 minutes a day or 10 days, it is impossible to get rid of fatthat has accumulated over the years. To get rid of belly fat we need to prepare for long term work at least 3 months.

Most powerful firming and fat-burning effect have the following methods:

  • abdominal exercises;
  • cardio;
  • interval training.

Abdominal exercises aimed at the development of the abdominal muscles. But crunches will not help in getting rid of fat, excluding aerobic exercise and proper nutrition.

According to research of experts of Institute of biomechanics, San Diego, the most effective abdominal exercises are: Bicycle, lying on the back; leg lifts or knee with an emphasis on uneven bars, twisting on fitball.

Эффективные упражнения для укрепления пресса

The number of sets 2-3, reps from 15 to 20 in each approach.

For a flat stomach the best static exercise is "vacuum". Step-by-step technique of the exercise:

  1. Starting position – standing on the floor on all fours. Relax your belly and take a deep breath.
  2. With effort exhale maximally retracting the stomach. Lock this position for 5-10 seconds.
  3. The number of repetitions of 10 times for 3 sets.

Упражнение вакуум

Aerobic activity is the most effective way of burning calories and reduce fat mass in the body. To aerobic training includes Jogging, walking at a speed of 5-6 km/h, exercise bikes, bike rides, swimming in the pool with high intensity.

Aerobic exercise should be performed at least 3 times a week, with a load duration of 40 minutes. To achieve the greatest training effect is very important target heart rate zone. The value of the heart rate from 65 to 75% of maximum is the most effective for weight loss.

Interval training allows in short terms to get rid of excess weight. This training is built on the alternation of exercises of low and high intensity. For example, you can conduct interval training according to the following scheme:

  1. Light jog – 5 minutes.
  2. Running with a maximum speed of 2 minutes.
  3. Again a light jog with the transition to maximum speed.

The duration of alternations should not exceed 20 minutes. According to experts, 20-minute interval training can replace 45 minute sessions on a stationary bike.

Quickly remove fat from the stomach only when proper diet and regular exercise. Balanced diet, regular and intense enough workout no less than 3 times per week will allow you to obtain not only a flat stomach, but also greatly reduced risk of dangerous and deadly diseases.


Advice 2 : How to remove fat on belly and thighs

Excess fat on the stomach and thighs much spoils the appearance of the female figure. Very often women think that to get rid of it almost impossible without grueling starvation or prolonged exercise. However, in order to get rid of it you should separate the myths from reality and only believe the proven scientific facts, which read as follows 3 rules.
How to remove fat on belly and thighs
A balanced diet helps albeit not quickly, but effectively to lose weight (fasting helps to lose subcutaneous fat and muscle tissue).A balanced diet is a way of human nutrition, which it gets completely all the necessary elements, but they are limited to standards. Eating balanced should be excluded from the diet foods, fried food, food containing animal fat. Food must be fractional, about 5 times a day, small portions. Eating, weigh portions, counting calories. The daily intake of calories should not exceed 1800, the amount of food consumed, the weight will be discharged gradually and not to gain again.
Starting the process of losing weight, exercise should be included from day one. To start with light loads, increasing them gradually. There are lots of developed complexes of exercises for slimming the abdomen and thighs, for example "Press for the Hollywood system" or "weight loss Program from Jillian Michaels. In the morning the man wakes up in an instant, however, the body to recover after sleep needed 2 hours, this means that the first 2 hours after sleep it is not necessary to perform the exercises, as it gives an increased load on the organs and suffering from overstrain heart. Before bed exercises to execute is not worth it, it will interrupt your sleep, making him restless due to the fact that you will lead your muscles in tone.As a result of sports internal fat, enveloping bodies, cleaved and converted to the subcutaneous muscle.
Sitting on the balanced diet people drinking in the day at least 2 liters of pure water, losing excess weight due to the breakdown of fatcells ovyh, not dehydration (dehydration) of the body.Waking up every morning and put in a prominent place a bottle with two liters of clean water. Water should not be carbonated or mineral, is better suited to pure water subjected to filtration, it is chemical reactions in the body and helps break down fatyou.
Deciding to adjust the abdomen and thighs, removing them fatin the first place it is necessary to determine whether the extra volume in this area the risk to your health, or simply aesthetically spoils the perception of your figure. It's easy to do at home without resorting to expensive surveys. For this you need to measure the circumference of their waist and hips. Then divide the first value by the second. For women the maximum available coefficient of 0.7, and for men is 0.95. If your ratio exceeds this number, you should sound the alarm, because it means that the fat has become deposited around the internal organs – intestines, liver, kidneys, worsen their work and will cause great harm to your health. This process is reversible, if in advance to take up the process of weight loss abdomen and hips.
By following these simple rules fat around the waist and hips is significantly reduced in a short period of time.

Advice 3 : Foods that get rid of belly fat

With the onset of spring, many girls and women are concerned with bringing order to their figure. Most often frustration caused by the belly fat. And one with fitness not do, because even good great abs will be hidden under the veil of fat. Few people realize that the extra pounds (and noticeable more often on the abdomen) do not appear from the abundance of food and the quality of food eaten. It is not surprising that among them there are those that will help to get rid of belly fat.
Foods that get rid of belly fat



The benefits of yogurt are obvious, if we are talking about the lactic acid, improves the stomach and intestines, but in this case means a high content in the product of magnesium and calcium. These trace elements help to significantly reduce the concentration of cortisol. Cortisol – the stress hormone, after it is given to them commands the body begins to store nutrients, i.e. get fat. Meanwhile, the magnesium and calcium will help to lose fat, because they normalize emotional state, and without them the flow of energy processes in which fats are burned.

Scientists at the University of Tennessee believe that people, in your daily diet which includes 3 jars of yogurt, much faster rid of excess weight, rather than adherents of a variety of trendy diets. But remember that to get rid of belly fat is possible only with the help of natural "live" yogurt that is not often found on store shelves. It is best to prepare yogurt at home.

To make home-made yogurt is very simple. The sourdough for it is sold in pharmacies, but you can use as a starter the "right" yogurt from the store. Per litre of boiled and then cooled to 40-45 degrees, you need to add milk 125 grams of yogurt or 2 capsules, dry yeast, all very well mixed and place for 8-12 hours in a thermos or if you have a yogurt maker. Ready yogurt retains its useful properties in the refrigerator for about a week.



At first glance it is completely unrealistic to get rid of belly fat using this product because of the calorie content of walnut is very high. But if you look, you will find that a small quantity introduced into the diet nuts will really help to lose weight. First, they accelerate metabolism and second, suppress the hunger.



Benefits of grapefruit for weight reduction has long been proven by scientists. The concentration of flavonoid in this fruit is much higher than anywhere else, and that he will help to get rid of belly fat. Moreover, because of the low glycemic index of grapefruit has the ability to reduce appetite. So one fruit can replace Breakfast, and half an hour before lunch and dinner eat a half of grapefruit, so while taking a main meal to reduce calorie intake.

Also an established fact is that healthy sleep promotes weight loss. And grapefruit relieves stress, eliminates depression, so before sleep will be quite useful to drink a glass of grapefruit juice.

However, it is worth remembering that no matter how you tried to get rid of belly fat, grapefruit diet can not last more than a month, the optimal time – from three days to two weeks. The fact that this fruit gives the maximum stress on the liver. After a two week break, you can re-sell grapefruit, but of course without fanaticism.


Ginger for weight loss – just a wonderful thing, and if you have no Allergy to this product, it will really help to get rid of belly fat, as, indeed, and other places. Contained in ginger essential oil make the metabolism very fast, whereby the combustion of fat cells. In the absence of contraindications ginger can be consumed not only as a seasoning for fish and meat dishes, but to make a drink, add to tea.

Green tea

It is impossible to keep silent about the benefits of green tea for weight loss. In order to get rid of belly fat with it, you need to drink daily at least one Cup. The effect, of course, will be noticeable faster if you replace in your daily menu black tea green.

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