In some cases, you can quickly remove belly fat

Not always the reason for protruding belly are weight. Of course, if the woman weighs about 100 kg, her belly is likely to be large: it is the body fat. To get rid of such a belly is possible only with total weight loss and restore the elasticity of the skin and muscles.

But it also happens that the weight is only slightly higher than normal, and the stomach still sticks out noticeably. This is often due to weakness of the anterior abdominal wall muscles (the press), as well as malnutrition. We are not talking about excessive caloric intake, and the use of so-called gas-forming foods that cause flatulence and visually enlarge the stomach. Press for a short period of time the pump is impossible and the spanx and corsets are not suitable for any clothes. In this case, a special diet is just what you need to remove the belly for a day.

What to do to quickly remove belly fat

So if stock is two nights and the day between them is very good. The evening begins training, the essence of which is to avoid food 3-4 hours before bedtime, and taking a light vegetable laxative. Better if it is safe laxative on the basis of dried fruit and Senna extract, which is sold in pharmacies without a prescription. Then the whole day goes on diet – 5 meals every 2-3 hours, the last of them 3 hours before bedtime. At night, to consolidate the effect, another portion of the same a laxative. And in the morning you can admire your belly: it will be almost invisible.

Diet for quick weight loss stomach

To begin with choose their "diet meals", which should be eaten throughout the day. It is desirable to prepare in advance and distribute in 5 receptions: every meal will consist of liquid (1 Cup for 1 admission) and a small amount of protein (half your palm). What can fluids? Tea, coffee (without sugar), lean meat or chicken broths, vegetable broths, tomato juice, fat-free yogurt. Of protein products, egg, low fat cottage cheese, low-fat meat or fish, chicken breast (of course, frying anything – just boil or bake without oil). You can combine at their discretion, but the logic should not be forgotten: for example, cottage cheese is better to drink yogurt, and a piece of fish – tomato juice, not Vice versa. In between meals you should drink clean water.

No vegetables, fruit and bread should not eat, otherwise fermentation and flatulence in the intestine is guaranteed. If dairy products (cheese, yogurt) cause similar problems, they also have to be deleted.

If you still have doubts about whether to remove belly fat per day, you should definitely try out this technique. Day diet is easily tolerated does not require special training, costs, time and effort, and most importantly not harmful to health.