You will need
  • mobile phone;
  • - Bank card;
  • computer.
Connect the service "Unlimited Internet" (for mobile phones). This requires the "GPRSInternet" for access points and You can get the settings for free calls 067410191. To connect the Internet and access the world network without restriction, dial the number 0674 17001, make the subscription connection fee (150 rubles) and then pay 13 rubles per day. If the account does not have enough funds to activate the service, you can pay by credit card without a fee. Room for deactivation of "Unlimited Internetand" - 0674 17000.
Activate "Carefree Internet" (for mobile phones): using more than 5 MB of traffic, get unlimited access to a worldwide network until the end of the day. The cost of 1 MB is specified in the tariff plan. To activate the service dial 067407171, and off – 067407170. The connection anew is only possible after a month off. For tariff plans "Click" and "Monster of communication" traffic threshold is 10 MB.
Participate in "Special rate for home Internet". Making money for the unlimited plan (650 rubles a month), you can connect to the world wide web at speeds of 30 Mbps instead of the standard 22 Mbit/s. This service is available to clients "Beeline", which was connected to this operator for more than three months ago and spent in the relationship at least a hundred rubles for three months. Take advantage of the offer by calling the number 0760 from your mobile phone and placing an order with the use of special Internet-rate employee customer service center. You can also join the action with the help of employees of sales offices of "Beeline". The activation is free. Single room mobile phone involves a single application to connect to home Internet.