First, find out whether your mobile phone settings, such as wap or gprs, that is, does the manufacturer the opportunity to use this model cell phone to access the Internet. For this view the user manual that came with your phone; find information online or go to menu of your phone.
If you have not used mobile Internet "Beeline", you must configure settings in the device itself. Go to menu, select "Settings" or "Options". Click on "Configuration" and then "Account".
Add a new entry, specifying the type of Data "GPRS/WAP". Call it Bee-gprs-internet. Next, configure the access point by specifying its name as; username – beeline; the field "Password" leave blank; authentication – "normal"; "IP address", leave blank.
Save all settings and make them active. If you previously disabled the ability of Internet access (by default it is activated in all the subscribers), dial the following USSD command: *110*181# and a call key. After that, restart your phone.
To save money, spending on the Internet, select the appropriate service. More information you can contact the nearest office of the mobile operator "Beeline".
To receive information about stock, option and services you can using the Internet. To do this, go to the official website of the company, under the tab "Internet" then click "Mobile Internet". You will see a page containing detailed information about all current promotions.
To learn the details of a particular stock, you can call the line customer service from a mobile phone on short number 0611 (toll-free).