You will need
  • - Passport;
  • mobile phone;
  • - computer or Communicator;
  • - an Internet connection.
Contact for tariff change to the staff the nearest customer service of the company "Beeline". Bring your passport.

A personal visit is mandatory if you want to go to one of the special rates, for example, "Mobile pensioner" or "fellowship." In this case, you will need to show the pension certificate or the Membership card of the VOG (certificate VTEK), respectively.
Call from your mobile phone "Beeline" to the number 0611. If you use pre-paid billing system, change a tariff plan you can simply following the voice prompts. In the case of osteoplate settlement system for the registration operator will ask you to identify your passport details in accordance with the contract, so if you do not remember these details by heart, keep the documents at hand.
Go to the website of "Beeline" in your region and find your rate in the section "Tariff plans". Open the page of the selected rate the "Description" tab. You will see the phone number and the cost of the transition. If you change the tariff you changed your mind and money to your account – just call the number from your mobile phone "Beeline".
Change your subscription plan in your account the online system "My Beeline". If you have forgotten your password or have never used the system, dial on your mobile team
Password and login will be sent to you in an SMS message. Sent you a temporary password you will then be able to change to permanent.
View the list of available tariff plans and the cost of switching to them in the section "Tariff plans" (if you are an individual and you use pre-paid billing system), or in section "services Management" (in all other cases).
Click on "Change tariff plan" in line with the desired rate. On the next page, confirm your choice by pressing the "Yes" button. If you decide not to change the rate, click on the "Back" button. Sent status of your application for change of tariff plan, you will see "Archive requests".