To begin acquaintance with Saratov is walking in the city centre. The famous Avenue of Kirov, which is also called Saratov Arbat, kindly welcomes its guests. Those who first is on Central Avenue, indeed dazzled by the abundance of fashion boutiques and other entertainment venues. Brace yourself, because there is a temptation to leave and all their savings. The main Avenue of the city rests in a quiet and picturesque Park Lipki, where you can relax after a forced March through the city centre in the cool shade of the trees. Summer in the Park in full working fountains, and all the benches busy adoring students or young families, in General, the atmosphere is very favorable. After resting and continuing the journey further, you will find yourself on the famous Saratov promenade, admire the beauty of the Volga river, will be able to stroll through Grand bridge "Saratov-Engels" or take a picture from the rotunda – a favorite place of the newlyweds. In Saratov there is no resident, no matter who walked around Sokolova Gora in Victory Park. It is a Grand monument to all soldiers who died in the great Patriotic War. In the Park at every turn there are models of restored military vehicles – tanks, trains, planes. Thanks to historians, a faithful recreation of fighting trenches, so everyone can experience the atmosphere of those great days. Be sure to climb to the main monument Sokolova – the stele with the cranes. From the summit of the mountain offers wonderful views of Saratov, the Volga and Engels. Be sure to visit the famous Saratov Conservatory. Tickets are not as expensive, and the memories will last for many years to come. Also in Saratov a lot of cinemas: the pioneer, Victory, Saratov, Porthole, IMAX, etc it would be a crime to ignore the Saratov theaters: the recently opened new theatre, the drama Theatre. Slonova, Opera and ballet. And, of course, do not forget about the famous Museum. Radishcheva. Nightlife lovers will also not remain on the sidelines. Night Saratov live a full busy life, and its doors open such clubs as Mandalla Hall, Gagarin, Alexandria, Grand Michelle, etc. in the Summer you should definitely go on a night walk with a disco on the Volga river on the ship, which departs every evening from the Promenade Astronauts. Well, if you are planning to go and pick up some shopping, then the best place is the huge shopping center "Triumph Mall". Remember that in Saratov is very difficult is the situation with the transport, so try not to be on the road during rush hour – there is a risk of getting stuck in traffic for a couple hours. The mood from the walk will be spoiled.