Go with the wife for a walk. Do not think that it is too trivial option. Your spouse will appreciate the opportunity to walk with you around the city, socialize and get some fresh air. Thus it is necessary to choose a suitable place. They can become a city Park, quay, square etc. it will be Good, if this place has any good memories. So you make your walk truly romantic.
Visit the theatre or go to the cinema. This option is almost a win-win and will be interesting both to the wife and you yourself. It is important to remember the tastes of his wife and to choose a play or movie in that genre that she likes.
Buy concert tickets. Examine the poster of upcoming events in the city and find out what interesting music groups plan their presentation. Also, pay attention to the developments urban scale: festivals, public events, fairs etc where you can spend time usefully.
Book a table in the restaurant. To impress, get ready for the evening in advance. Select a good restaurant, moderately sophisticated and popular, with a kitchen that will appeal to your wife. Cozy space and a table will contribute to a romantic atmosphere and intimate fellowship between you.
Invite the wife to spend a sporting weekend. Go skiing in the forest, visit a skating rink, bowling and a fitness club. Be sensitive to your wife thought that you forced her to engage in physical activity due to any shortcomings of the figure. Tell her that you just want to relax for body and soul.
Come up with something unusual. If funds allow, fly together in a hot air balloon, ride in a boat or sailing. It is possible to go to a joint a short hike and discover places you haven't been before. The wife will appreciate your creativity is appreciated.