In the regional center of Sursky edge you can find many interesting and informative. For example, in the city center outside Moscow kept houses built before the revolution. Here cars are not allowed, so it is possible to walk slowly. Shoppers this trip will appeal. After all, Moscow has several cafés, shops, boutiques, where you can eat and buy Souvenirs and gifts. In a small Park near the illuminated musical fountain are the famous cuckoo clock.If you want to visit an art gallery to them. K. A. Savitsky, where you can get acquainted with the exhibits of Russian and foreign artists of the 17th-20th centuries. One of the most beautiful monuments of wooden architecture of Penza is considered to be the building of the Museum of folk art. Here you can find Handicrafts, among which a special place is Abashevskaya clay toys. There are also local history, literary museums, the Museum of performing arts. Meyerhold and others.Children go to parks of culture and rest, for example, the Central Park them. V. G. Belinsky, where guests ride on various attractions or take part in entertainment programs. In the Penza zoo you can observe the various representatives of the animal world: birds, ungulates, carnivores, primates and others. For younger guests, the staff spend every weekend fun quizzes, games and competitions.If you want to enjoy a day of active rest, it offers numerous sports complexes. At any time of the year you have the opportunity to go ice skating in sports Palace "Rubin" and "Diesel arena", take a dip in the outdoor swimming pool of Olympic reserve Schools, access to the gym in the "Burtasy", to arrange check-in karting club "Shikana" or play paintball on the grounds of "Arena", "Adrenaline", etc. For a relaxing evening drink fit a trip to the cinema. You can watch a movie on the biggest screen in town, which is located in the cinema "Sovremennik". There's also regular live sessions all night (three paintings for the price of one). All fans of the performing arts are invited to view the drama and puppet theatres.In Penza there are plenty of wonderful and beautiful places: parks, river, Russia's oldest circus, the original monuments, for example,"Hedgehog in the fog" and much more that is worth at least seeing once.