Walk to start along the Avenue of Kirov, Saratov Arbat. The walk is better to start from the same square. Sit with friends at one of the summer or stationary cafes, buy Souvenirs in any shop or on the street, admire the art Nouveau buildings.
Scroll to the Lipki Park and check eat whether still in one of the summer pavilions Nickel silver ice cream spoons, as it was described in the novel by K. Fedin "First joy". In winter you can enjoy a frozen snow-green beauty of the Park as it grows and deciduous, and coniferous trees.
Go down to the Volga river and admire the view of the bridge connecting Saratov and Engels. And then go to the river station where you can purchase tickets for the crossing to the other side and make a fun evening on one of the Islands with music and barbecue. Or, if you prefer a more relaxing entertainment, just to take a river cruise on the Volga and admire the views from the side of the tram.
If after a walk in the fresh air with the guests you wanted to continue the fun, go on Sokolov mountain, where you will have to wait for pre-booked the lounge and in one of the three restaurants of National village. View Sokolova, will amaze those who come to visit you from another city. But if the fun will last until dusk, and night views of the city, twinkling with a million lights on either side of the mountain and on the other Bank of the Volga.
If you are planning to arrange children's day of birth, be sure to visit Gpkio them. Bitter, feed from the hands of the squirrels, watch grace of swans, languidly floating in the ponds, ride on the rides in the town "Lukomorye" in the carriage on the paths of the Park. If the children are old enough, take a boat or catamaran and explore the ponds.
You can celebrate the day of birth and in one of the many clubs, restaurants or entertainment centers of the Saratov, choosing a reasonable option on the websites,, Facilities and recreation on the Volga, where you can arrange a Banquet with dishes of freshly caught fish, ride on boats, to arrange fireworks in your honor.