The pride of the Krasnoyarsk Central Park. Gorky. A huge number of attractions, ongoing events and competitions will delight lovers of entertainment. The Park is located in a very picturesque place, where nature pleases the eye.

Museum of local lore of Krasnoyarsk introduces the rich history of the city. Here are the unique facts of the development of the region. To enhance their knowledge can be in the Regional library with its collection of rare historical and artistic publications.

Be sure to visit the exhibition center. Frequent change of the display allows you to expand your horizons and visit many interesting exhibitions.

The restored manor house of the artist Surikov invites you to learn about the life and work of masters of painting. It contains unique objects of everyday life surrounding the artist and some of his immortal creations.

Majestic Krasnoyarsk Pillars, these creations of nature are fascinating and never cease to amaze. The excursion on them is ongoing. No less interesting is the visit the Black Hills in Berezovsky district. It is nothing like an ancient volcano, which is considered extinct. Although the departments of civil defense, he is only asleep.

A very interesting attraction - the aerial cable car in the Beaver Log. Eyes appear wondrous natural beauty, from the top platform of a cable car you can reach the observation deck on the Pillars.

The suburbs of Krasnoyarsk - Divnogorsk - famous for its hydroelectric power station. You can go on a tour to appreciate the Majesty of this engineering structure.

A mandatory requirement when visiting countryside sites - protection from ticks with the help of special clothing, sprays and creams.

Special attention deserves the Krasnoyarsk club. The great success enjoyed lingering skydiving instructor and familiarization flights on the aircraft the co-pilot seat.

Night life of Krasnoyarsk is not less rich, than the day tour. Clubs "Pilot" and "Zazhigalka" present to the audience of dancers and music from all directions. "Strainge" you can try not only traditional Russian, but also Japanese and Italian cuisine. "Gagarin", "Stud" and "the alpha" carried out noisy and fun disco parties.